Our Founder

Raichal L Linnear

The Introduction of I, Raichal Linnear:

I am Young Mother of 3 Daughter's, I live in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am currently working on establishing my GED, to provide a better future for myself and my family.

Thick Madame Boutique, came from knowing that I wanted to changes something in myself, which is understanding the beauty of a Big Woman. I, myself, is a Thick Madame, my vision for Thick Madame is make sure that all women are fully unique in their own comfortable way but still look sexy and beautiful and classy at the same time, also it will be promoting a Men's Attire call True Gentlemen's Enchanted Sultry for Plus Sized Men, Big and Tall, also servicing the L,G.B.T Community, and design a African Attire Called " Freedom!"  I hope to set the bar with Fashion brand of a whole new level. I will start working with Shopify, as a creation to my vision to make sure it can be a survivor tactic for financial benefit to take care of my business and family and to set aside for my commercial property for when it time to get a store front for both of my company's.

I , Raichal Linnear, will continue to go to school to get my degrees and set nee goals for myself. My vision is to become greater than I was yesterday, and grow with every learning experience.

Thick Madame Boutique will be my pride possession from now and many years to come.

I would love for your support and encouragement and a business venture to come and shop at Thick Madame Boutique. You'll love the opportunity you have when you Shop with Thick Madame.

I thank you and God bless you!!!

coming soon!!!

Egyptian Goddess Fashion Line for Women and

Enchanted Sultry Fashion for Men, both are under Thick Madame Boutique, LLC.