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Thick Madame Boutique, LLC

Hello! I am. Raichal Linnear, the new owner of THICK MADAME Boutique, LLC, IS a New urban Fashion Brand named Egyptian Goddess, A Plus Size Apparels for Full Figured women. Professional and Personal, for my Urban Boutique shop. I am the new understudy as a Entrepreneur on the rise. I am also a mother of 3 beautiful daughter's, they are the reason why I am on my way to become greater than yesterday. Thick Madame Boutique & True Gentlemen's Boutique, LLC ,is the birth of a new exciting adventure for I, myself and my family and future.

Thick Madame Boutique and True Gentlemen's Boutique, LLC, is a start up online business, which in three years, it will be a retail store in St. Vincent Mall in Shreveport and Pierre Bossier Mall.

Thick Madame Boutique & True Gentlemen's Boutique, is a unique fashion designer label that will give each individual a unique look, unique feel and a amazing outfit that will make you create the inspiration you were Born to become!

Thick Madame,will soon become a local, national and world wide Internationally. Thick Madame, is a new Designer fashion clothing line, for men and women. Yes , Thick Madame will have a expensive look, feel, and quality, but at a affordable price for your budget, Thick Madame, will also carry Designer Handbags, fashionable accessories, jewelry, lingerie and shoes to complete your every day look.

I, Raichal Linnear, would like to see Thick Madame Boutique & True Gentlemen's to become #1 in the fashion industry, along, some of the greatest icons such as ; Marc Jacob, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, CoCo Chanel, Alexander McQueen,Tom Ford, Micheal Kors, Tommy Hilfiger. Thick Madame is a family environment full of fun, shopping, and social networking. We're here to serve you, welcome all to Thick Madame Boutique & True Gentlemen's Boutique

Raichal Linnear

New Boutique will be coming soon.